A hair relaxer is a product that we apply to naturally thick or tight curly hair to relax curls, making hair straight in texture and subsequently easier to manage. You can also decide to keep your natural curl pattern by going for a texturiser instead.

Avlon Professional Relaxer System

At DeVine Hair Studio, our relaxers services are carried out using the Avlon Professional Relaxer Hair System which offers 5 steps to healthy hair: Protection, Reconstructing, Relaxing, Strengthening and Conditioning.

This leaves hair with more elasticity, textile, strength, less structural damage and the ability to have longevity with multiple chemical services.

Before you go ahead

We always advise a consultation is booked before deciding to go for a relaxer so that we can assess the health of your scalp and condition of your hair before application.

For those of you who want to make hair easier to manage without the use of chemical treatments, we have the Texture Release™ System by Avlon™ too. Please visit our dedicated page for prices.

Things you should know
We do charge a surcharge for the following:

Detangling knotted hair
Detangling hair
Long hair
Thick hair
Density charge may apply

All prices below are starting from and final prices are dependant on the length, thickness and condition of your hair. For an exact price and our advice,  we recommend booking an appointment for a consultation online with Team DeVine before booking your service.

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Useful Information

For everything you need to know about wearing your hair straight, there’s this fantastic article, courtesy of Avlon.


Prices are starting from

If you are only trying to loosen your curl pattern and not straighten it, a Texturiser is the best option for you. We process your hair with a chemical treatment to make your curls easier to manage without altering your look.


Prices includes a TRIM


Virgin Texturiser  £110.00- £125.00
Root Touch Up  £85.00 – £105.00

This is a ‘permanent’ process to straighten curly hair and must be repeated to new hair growth every 6 – 12 weeks.

Prices includes a TRIM
Virgin Relaxer £110.00 – £125.00
Root Touch Up £85.00 – £105.00
Semi following relaxer £25.00 – £30.00
Precision cut (following relaxer) £25.00 – £30.00

See our standard services that we tailor to relaxed or texturised hair.

Wash & Finish £40.00 – £55.00
Wash, Cut & Finish £60.00 – £70.00
 Wash, Treatment & Finish £60.00 – £70.00
Wash, Treatment, Cut & Finish £75.00 – £95.00
Precision Cut, Wash & Finish £65.00 – £75.00
Precision Cut / Dry Cut £30.00 – £40.00
Trim £25.00 – £35.00
Additional service charge £15.00 – £25.00
Treatments: Add ons only

It’s important to know that you must commit to regular appointments and consistent hair care regimes whenever your hair has been chemically processed using treatments and trims to promote healthy hair growth and minimise damage.

Moisture Maintenance £20.00
Protein Strengthening £20.00
Luxury Masque £20.00
Reconstruction Repair £25.00
Scalp Care Retreat £25.00
Colour Services for Relaxers

Fancy a burst of blue? Want to find out if blondes really do have more fun? Colour Services can be explored here.


A patch test is required 48 hours before all colour services to ensure there are no allergies. This applies to all  clients who have not had a colour service in the past 6 months.


Full Head Colour £100.00 – £120.00
Roots Retouch £90.00 – £115.00
Semi/Demi Colour £80.00 – £95.00
Full Foil Highlights/lowlights Price on Consultation
Partial Highlights/lowlights Price on Consultation
Toner (after bleaching/highlights) Price on Consultation
Complete Colour Change Price on Consultation
Balayage / Creative Colour Price on Consultation

Free standard delivery on orders over £35

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