Patch testing is essential to ensure that the active ingredient within the colours do not cause an allergic reaction. It is a simple and safe way of protecting both our clients, our salon and keeping you safe.

Since the emergence of Covid-19 there has been an increase in allergies amongst people who have had the virus. With this new evidence emerging the National Hair Federation has urged salons to perform PATCH TESTS on all clients who have a colour treatment due to a heightened reaction to the chemicals in hair colours.

There are two simple ways we will offer a patch test / skin test.

▪️Your Stylist will ask you to come into the salon at least 48hours before your appointment.

▪️If you are having another treatment at the salon we can perform the patch test whilst you are already at the salon.

A patch test is required every 6 months for all clients.

Whilst it may be inconvenient to visit our salon 48 hours before your appointment, it is COMPULSORY for your safety.


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