If you are looking for a hairstyle that will be perfect for a special occasion or event you want to WOW people at… Ponytail styles are a great solution!
Ponytail hairstyles are stunning and elegant but also simple, no matter your desired look.  You can count on a ponytail to keep you looking pretty and polished.

All sleek ponytails start with a DeVine Silk Press.

What is a DeVine Silk Press? 

It is a professional styling method to transform natural textured hair to super silky straight hair. Flat irons, heat protection and different products are used.

No matter your hair texture – We’ve got you covered!

Hair Recommendations

Here is a list of quality hair brands from your local hair shop:

  • Rush Virgin Hair
  • Dressmaker Temptation Brazilian hair
  • Remy Goddess
  • Sensationnel RemiGoddess
  • Sensationnel Premium TOO OR NOW
Purchasing Hair

We supply high quality raw virgin hair bundles, closures and frontals. All hair prices are on our website https://devinestudio.co.uk/virgin-hair/ If you are not booking an appointment and want to buy hair you can order hair extensions via our online shop or in salon https://devinestudio.co.uk/devine-shop

  • If you would like to purchase bundles from us for your appointment, please let us know the length you’re interested in and we can prepare it for you. Please let us know as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.
  • If you chose not to buy your hair from us please make sure the hair you are buying is good quality. We do not recommend hair with mixed or full synthetic hair.
  • If you are using bundles please make sure to bring them combed out, clean and dry.
  • To allow us to see your vision, set clear expectations, give you accurate pricing and most importantly deliver a great service, please send images via WhatsApp 07510301477 of your desired look and a photograph of the current condition of your hair.
  • Your hair must be at least 7 inches long around your head and must be able to gather into a  ponytail.
  • Ponytail styles can last up to 1 to 2 weeks, this is only if you maintain it well. Tie it down with a silk scarf when sleeping, stay away from humidity/heat, active sports and try not to get it wet.
  • Ponytail styles do not include the installation of frontals or closures.
  • By booking, you have accepted all terms and agreements.
We do charge a surcharge for the following
  • Detangling knotted hair
  • Detangling hair
  • Long hair
  • Thick hair
  • Density charge may apply

If your hair is tangled and requires a lot of attention before proceeding with your service, please be aware that an additional service charge will apply.

All prices below are starting from and final prices are dependent on the length, thickness and condition of your hair. For an exact price and our advice, we recommend booking an appointment for a consultation online with Team DeVine before booking your service.

What to bring to your Appointment

For TopKnot/BunPonytail: 1 Pack of any PRE-STRETCHED braiding hair (x-pression hair etc)

For Braided Ponytail: 2 Packs of any PRE-STRETCHED braiding hair (x-pression hair etc)

For Side Swoop: Minimum of 2 bundles for this ponytail as some of this will go towards your swoop if your natural hair is not long enough. (Tracks should be a minimum of about 12″ in length)

For Weave/Extended Ponytails: Minimum of 2 bundles recommended

For Half Up Half Down/Sew-in Leave Outs: 3 Bundles recommended


Prices are starting from


Knotless braids with extensions are knot-free. The roots are smooth and flat. Knotless braid hairstyles have a unique appearance. If you don’t have time to deal with your hair and the time you spend doing/ undoing your hair everyday irritates you, this style will undoubtedly be your savior as it can last for weeks.

High Extended Pony £85.00 – £120.00
Low Extended Pony £85.00 – £120.00
Mid-Low Extended Pony £85.00 – £120.00
Sleek Braided Ponytail £85.00 – £120.00
Sleek Top Knot £85.00 – £120.00
Creative Ponytail £100.00 – £120.00
Gel Set Ponytail W/X-pression Hair £65.00 – £85.00

Free standard delivery on orders over £35

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