REVITALISE KERATIN & Texture Release™ sMOOTHING  system

Revitalise Keratin

The Revitalise Extreme range brings an exquisite, Smoothing treatment that is 100% formaldehyde free! This treatment range has a unique and concentrated protein-based formula which has revolutionised the process of hair straightening and alignment.

This treatment promotes greater thermal protection that avoids fibre fading and helps keep your hair strong and healthy.

It is suitable for all hair textures (African, Asian and European).

You can learn more about Revitalise Keratin in the PDF below.

Revitalise Keratin pdf

Texture Release™ System

The Texture Release™ System is an innovative way for you to elongate tight coils for easier combing and management, and to be able to switch between curly and straight hairstyles without any chemical processing. This treatment lasts between 8 and 12 weeks.

“Texture Release™ System is heat activated with amino acids and conditioning agents which go deep into the hair fibres to enable styling versatility. This allows the client to have optional textural change with increased combing manageability. This system was formulated for excessively curly hair that needs moisture & conditioners with special attention to the scalp.”

You can learn more about The Texture Release™ System on the Avlon website below.

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Things you should know

Detangling knotted hair
Detangling hair
Long hair
Thick hair
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All prices below are starting from and final prices are dependant on the length, thickness and condition of your hair. Please book a consultation first for a firm quote.

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Useful Information

For everything you need to know about wearing your hair straight, there’s this fantastic article, courtesy of Avlon.


Our prices for both Revitalise Keratin and Texture Release™ Smoothing System. Treatment lasts between 8 and 12 weeks.

Prices are starting from
Avlon Texture Release™ Smoothing System for Adults £175.00– £200.00
Avlon Texture Release™ Smoothing System for Children £140.00 – £180.00
Revitalise Keratin for Adults £200.00 – £250.00

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