• Store your wig on a mannequin head, when you remove it so it can keep the style
    and shape.
  • Wrap your virgin hair extensions in a silk scarf or silky bonnet to prevent tangles.
  • Use heat protector on your wig/virgin hair extensions to reduce the risk of heat
    damage whenever you use a heated appliance on your hair.
  • Brush your wig/extension when needed. Excessive combing/brushing decreases the
    longevity of your virgin hair and wig.
  • Brush /comb your wig from the tip to the roots, this reduces shredding.
  • Use a Denman paddle brush or wide tooth comb to detangle. (Highly recommended)
  • Wash and deep condition your wig/virgin hair once a week:
  • Our personal favourites are: Avlon Affirm Clarifying Shampoo®, MoisturRight® Nourishing Shampoo,
    MoisturRight® Nourishing Conditioner and MoisturRight® Hair Repair Masque.
  • Use a good organic or sulphur free shampoo to avoid stripping hair of its natural
  • Always rinse the hair with cold water. This helps to close the cuticles and lock in shine.
  • Air-dry your extensions after a wash do not use heat for drying.


  • Do not brush wet hair, cuticles are most vulnerable.
  • Do not use heat for drying wigs/extensions. Air drying instead will result in softer, sleeker hair.
  • Avoid overdosing on products; only use the necessary amount, to many products
    results in greasy hair. This makes maintenance harder and will ruin your flawless
  • Applying to many products to your wig/hair extensions will weigh it down, leaving it
    greasy and ruining your flawless look.
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